7 easy ways to get YOUR Solar Home System for absolutely FREE!

#7 will AMAZE you!

Immo Böhm

Can a solar home system really be free?    YES!     How you might ask?

Well there actually are a lot of ways to get a solar home system for free. It all depends on how and where you buy it, and what you do with it once you have it in your home. Here we share 9 great ways our customers have been getting their solar home system for free in the last few years.

  1. Earn money by renting out rooms with lights: Yes, we have customers doing exactly that. Some customers rent out rooms in the informal areas. They used to charge 50,- per room per week, but once they installed the solar lights, they could charge 70,- per room per week! This means 20,- extra cash every week for every light installed. One of our customers is saving a lot of money like this every week and has been able to buy even more solar home systems for even more rooms lately. 
  2. Earn money by charging other peoples phones: Think about it - once you own a solar home system you can be the one earning money by charging other peoples phones. Depending on the size of your solar panel you can charge one or two extra phones per day (also depends on how much light you want in the evening). Most people pay 5,- or 10,- to have a phone charged. So just by charging phones you can earn 10,- a day, and that is exactly what most of our solar home systems cost you per day! And once you have paid off your system you keep making this extra income straight into your pocket every day!
  3. Earn money by doing TV show evenings: Imagine your’e the only one in your village with a TV. A solar TV! You can charge everyone else in the village to watch TV with you. If you have 10 friends who each pay even just 2,- a night to watch TV with you, you will earn 20,- every day, much more than what it would cost to pay for the affordable solar TV of Olusheno
  4. Rent out our system on weddings or funerals! Your solar system is easily packed in a backpack or shopping bag, so you can easily rent it out to people who need good lights at weddings, funerals or other occasions. This is an awesome idea whereby you can make money while also helping people with good lights.
  5. Earn money by cutting hair with a chargeable hair clipper. Are people around whose hair you could cut for money? Sure there are! Go get yourself a large solar home system (so you have a larger panel and plenty of charging power - like the X850 system from Olusheno) and buy yourself a 12V chargeable hair clipper and off you go earning money. 
  6. Open a shop that stays open late! With your solar home system you have proper light to keep a shop open long into the evening hours. This will make yours a preferred shop for everyone living close by, as many people can only shop late in the evening or would rather not walk to a shop in the heat of the day!
  7. Earn money by giving classes at night: Even if you are not a teacher, you could let the kids of the neighbourhood study under your bright lights in the evening. Most parents take the education of their kids very very seriously so would make a plan to pay you 50,- per month to let the kids study at your house every evening. What a great way to get yourself a free solar home system while also helping your neighbours kids get good grades!

BONUS: Choose an affordable payment plan: Even if you don’t want to do any of the above, you can still get your system for free by saving on Paraffin, candles and batteries - here is how: You can buy the solar system for cash or you can finance it on an affordable payment plan. Most people do not have a lot of cash lying around so most would opt for a payment plan anyway - but what does an AFFORDABLE payment plan look like? We’ll here at Olusheno our team believes that a good payment plan is one where you as the customer are not out of pocket more than before - once you buy the solar system, so our payment plans are made so that you actually save money from the moment you get the system. Here is how that works.

Most families living in the villages do not have electricity, so they need Paraffin and candles and torch batteries for light, batteries for their radios and they need to pay their neighbours’ or a shop-owner to charge their cellphones. All of this costs money. Our research has shown that most Namibians will pay N$ 50,- to N$ 70,- per week to keep the lights on in this way. That’s why we have made our solar system payment plans to be only 50,- or 70,- per week.

This means that when you buy one of our solar systems, you simply pay the weekly money to pay off your system, rather than spending your money on dirty and dangerous fuel such as candles and Paraffin. Not only will you have much better and brighter light, but your house will also be safe from burning down if you no longer use candles! And best of all, once you have paid off your system you keep saving this money every week because your Olusheno system typically lasts 5-8 years during which you spend NO money on candles, Paraffin or batteries! That’s what we call AFFORDABLE!

There you have it - so many easy ways to make some money AND get your very own solar home system. So what is the catch you may ask? Well, in order to qualify for our financing you need to be a Namibian Citizen, you need to have a clean credit record for our bigger systems, and there is typically a small deposit to pay. For example, a smaller solar home system will cost the same as about one months of Paraffin, candles, batteries and so on.

However once you buy the system and pay the deposit, you get your light switched on for 30 days, and you only start paying your weekly fees thereafter. And you only do your weekly payment for a few short months, whereafter your system will keep working for many years while you keep saving and earning!


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