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At Olusheno Sales & Distribution (Pty) Ltd, we take immense pride in the journey of our team members, each contributing to our mission of bringing clean, affordable energy to Namibians in need. Today, we're excited to bring you an inspiring interview with one of our own, who started as one of our first recruits and has recently been promoted to Assistant Office Supervisor. Join us as we delve into her remarkable journey, challenges, and aspirations.

Q1: Can you tell us about your journey at Olusheno, from being one of the first recruits to your recent promotion as Assistant Office Supervisor? What has been the most rewarding part of this journey for you?

Working directly with customers, our interviewee began her Olusheno career as a call center agent, building strong bonds with customers through exceptional service. The most rewarding aspect for her has been witnessing the satisfaction of customers she's assisted on their journey to sustainable energy solutions.

Q2: What initially drew you to work at Olusheno, and how did you envision your career growth within the company when you first started as a call center agent?

Initially, it was seizing the opportunity, but she soon fell in love with Olusheno's mission. Her role expanded beyond sales; she became an educator, spreading vital information about how solar energy works and its impact on remote areas and low-income earners.

Q3: Over the years, you've shown exceptional competence and resilience. Could you share some key challenges you faced during your career at Olusheno and how you overcame them?

One significant challenge was working with people who didn't understand English or her Oshiwambo language. This experience pushed her to learn Otjiherero, a rewarding achievement she's proud of.

Q4: As the company's second recruit, you've been part of Olusheno's growth and evolution. How do you think the company's mission and values have evolved since you first joined, and how do they align with your personal values?

The company has expanded its reach, and as a result, employment opportunities have grown. This aligns with her values of job creation and a healthier environment.

Q5: Your recent promotion to Assistant Office Supervisor is a significant achievement. What are your new responsibilities, and how do you plan to contribute to the company's continued success in this role?

While adjusting to her new role, she's eager to learn and contribute to the company's growth by mastering her responsibilities and expanding her knowledge.

Q6: What advice would you give to others looking to achieve similar success and growth in their careers, particularly within Olusheno?

Believe, apply faith, and then take action. This mindset has been the key to her success.

Q7: Olusheno is known for its commitment to sustainability and social impact. How do you see your role contributing to the company's broader mission of bringing clean, affordable energy to Namibians in need?

She aims to create more awareness about clean energy and educate people on its affordability and benefits.

Q8: Can you share a specific project or accomplishment during your time at Olusheno that you are particularly proud of? How did it impact the company and the community you serve?

She didn't mention a specific project, but her dedication to customer satisfaction has undoubtedly made a positive impact.

Q9: What sets Olusheno Sales & Distribution (Pty) Ltd apart as an employer and as a provider of affordable home solar systems? What makes the company unique in the renewable energy sector?

Olusheno's offering of affordable home solar systems, which cause no harm to the atmosphere, sets it apart in the renewable energy sector.

Q10: As you continue to rise within the company, what are your long-term career goals and aspirations? How do you see yourself making a difference in the renewable energy industry and the broader community?

Her aspiration is to see Olusheno expanding throughout SADC countries, educating more people about the benefits of renewable energy.

Q11: Finally, what message or inspiration would you like to share with your colleagues and anyone aspiring to achieve success in their careers, especially those within Olusheno Sales & Distribution (Pty) Ltd?

"Give every opportunity your best version and serve it with a positive attitude."

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