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Odoo Members Uis gets familiar wit d.Light.

Uis is a settlement in Erongo Region, Namibia. It belongs to the Dâures electoral constituency. Located in the former Damaraland, it is known for the local mineral wealth. Uis is located at the foot of the Brandberg mountain.

Namibia's highest mountain. The Brandberg is home to the world famous, 'The White Lady' rock painting, said by some to be over 20,000 years old.

With it’s great history comes a community brought together by it's origins. A large majority of the residents know each other well. They often visit each other and have long talks about what’s happening in the world around them. So it’s no surprise that Olusheno came up in one or two conversations.

Our trusted TSE Matthew Kalikenya, visited the historic Brandberg area in hopes to inform the residents about how they can become proud owners of the d.Light product. Many were interested as TSE Matthew demonstrated how the products worked and displayed all their capabilities. One household in particular, were so interested that they committed to purchasing an X500 TV set on the spot. We typically don’t do installations, however TSE Matthew, being the diligent sales executive that he is, took it upon himself to install the system for the client. This was one of the factors that led to the client describing our service at Olusheno as ''refreshing’’.

The client said that up until then, they had to rely on paraffin lamps and had already suffered tremendous loss due to two house fires in the past. Now that they own a d.Light home solar system, that’s all in the past. In addition to the 3 lights and cellphone charging cable the X500 bundle also includes an HD 22’’ inch d.Light TV. That might not be big enough for the city folk but for the residents in Uis, it’s a life changing upgrade.

The X500 bundle chargers three phones simultaneously and carries four lighting ports. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, the X500 is compatible with DSTV and GoTV decoders. And for the Uis residents that purchased d.Light bundles it gets better. Due to the lack of electricity in the community, d.Light solar owners are offering phone charging services and even renting out their systems when needed. Mr Eiseb, the X500 buyer in the Branberg area has cited that having a television in the house will do his children good as he hopes the entertainment will keep them out of trouble.

If you’re wondering where you can purchase your own d.Light solar system, in the surrounding areas, then wonder no more. Trusted Grocery Shop, in Usakos which is a 115km away from Uis, is one of our many branches in Erongo region. They provide most of your daily necessities such as airtime, toiletries and fruits and vegetables as well as groceries. And of course, light all night in the form of our d.Light solar systems. They have access to Kazang as well, meaning you can make payments on your Olusheno account along with picking up the household essentials all in one go. For more information in terms on directions and availability, you can contact Laina Potgieter(Trusted Grocery Shop owner) on the following number, +264 81 248 9966.

On it’s face, Olusheno is a solar energy company that provides home solar systems. But take a deeper look and you’ll find that Olusheno is a beacon of hope. Hope that positive change is not impossible for the smaller communities in Namibia. Hope that, no one will be left behind as we advance to greater technological heights. We are for the people before anything else after all.

For more information contact our dedicated call center team:

0819970000 (Toll-free) / 081 162 1091 / 081 145 4476 / 081 169 4729 / 081 145 5708

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