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July 3rd holds a special place in many people's hearts for various reasons. But for Poswindis Hamukoto, a 63-year-old resident of rural Okambuwa in the Ohangwena region, it marks a significant milestone—the day he finally paid off his Olusheno-issued d.light D100 Solar Home System. This achievement speaks volumes about Mr. Hamukoto's financial discipline, his desire to be debt-free, and the positive impact Olusheno Sales and Distribution (PTY) Ltd has on the lives of Namibians.

A Journey from Darkness to Light

In Okambuwa, electricity is a luxury few can afford. For years, Mr. Hamukoto and his family lived in candlelit rooms, a reality shared by many in this remote village. However, everything changed when a neighbor approached Mr. Hamukoto to borrow candles. What struck him as odd was that this particular neighbor had a solar panel on their roof. When he inquired about the need for candles, his neighbor revealed that it had been weeks since they last made any payments on their Olusheno account, leading them to revert to using candles temporarily.

Curious and intrigued, Mr. Hamukoto decided to explore the world of solar energy.

ld of solar energy to find a solution that would work for his family. After extensive research, he settled on Olusheno Sales and Distribution (PTY) Ltd as his primary choice for a solar energy provider. What attracted him to Olusheno were the quality of the products, affordability, and the low risk of maintenance associated with their systems.

His journey to solar enlightenment led him to the Okongo library, where he received a referral from the call center agents at Olusheno's Ondangwa office. With newfound knowledge and determination, Mr. Hamukoto and his son, Pualus Hamukoto, embarked on a trip to Okongo, a small town not far from their village, to purchase their very own d.light D100 Solar Home System.

Ownership and Financial Discipline

Fast forward to February 31st of this year, Mr. Hamukoto became the proud owner of the d.light D100 home solar system. He made his purchase at the Okongo library, guided by the recommendations of Olusheno's knowledgeable team. However, what sets Mr. Hamukoto apart from many others is his financial discipline and commitment to achieving debt freedom.

Remarkably, within just four months of purchasing the D100 Solar Home System, Mr. Hamukoto accomplished the remarkable feat of paying off his outstanding account balance. This means that he can now enjoy the full benefits of his 2-year warranty without the burden of purchasing tokens to pay off his account. His story serves as an inspiring example of diligence, financial responsibility, and the incredible possibilities that solar energy brings to individuals and families in Namibia.

Learning from Mr. Hamukoto

Poswindis Hamukoto's journey from living in candlelit darkness to owning a solar-powered home is not only a testament to his determination but also a shining example of how Olusheno Sales and Distribution (PTY) Ltd is making a positive impact on the lives of Namibians. His ability to clear his account balance within a short period is a valuable lesson for anyone striving for financial freedom and responsible management of resources.

As we celebrate the success of Mr. Hamukoto, we also acknowledge the role that Tusnelde Haimbodi and the Olusheno team played in providing assistance and guidance throughout his journey. For those in Okongo and surrounding towns and villages who are considering Olusheno's d.light products, you can contact Tusnelde Haimbodi at +(264) 81214437 for all your Olusheno d.light needs.

Mr. Hamukoto's story serves as a shining beacon of hope, proving that with determination, discipline, and the right solar solution, anyone can enjoy the benefits of clean, affordable energy and financial freedom. His remarkable achievement is a testament to the positive impact that Olusheno Sales and Distribution (PTY) Ltd continues to make in the lives of Namibians.

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