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Ripuree Kuhanga Perspective on Olusheno Solar Systems

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In the heart of Tsumkwe, a settlement in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia, where the sun's rays are abundant and the connection to the power grid is a distant dream, Ripuree Kuhanga, owner of a small but bustling shop by the name of RK Market, has been making a difference in her community since 2019. Her connection with Olusheno Sales & Distribution Pty (Ltd) has not only transformed her business but has also illuminated the lives of many in the villages around Tsumkwe.

The Beginning of a Partnership

"I started working with Olusheno in 2019," Ripuree shares. "I was recommended by a fellow retailer at Gam to the Territory Sales Executive, Beatricia Uapingene, and since then, it's been a journey of empowerment and progress." Ripuree's shop isn't just a place where daily needs are met; it's a beacon of hope in a community where access to electricity is a luxury. "I package daily needs combo and sell them in villages around Tsumkwe," she explains. These combos often include essentials but, more importantly, Olusheno's solar home systems, bringing light and power to homes that have never experienced it before.

A Journey of Light Since 2019

For over four years now, Ripuree has been selling Olusheno's products. When asked about the longevity of this partnership, she smiles and says, "It's been a fulfilling journey. The impact we've made in people's lives is immeasurable.’’ "One of the things my customers and I appreciate about Olusheno's products is the easy payment terms," Ripuree emphasizes. In a community where financial constraints are a common challenge, Olusheno's flexible payment options have made solar power accessible to many households.

Empowering Disadvantaged Communities

However, Ripuree doesn't shy away from addressing the challenges. "My community consists of disadvantaged people," she notes. "If Olusheno could increase the payment length and reduce the installment, it would make a significant difference." Her concern reflects the company's potential to further empower those in need. Ripuree's satisfaction with Olusheno's products is evident when she passionately states, "Yes, I have been referring the d.light product to the local residents." Her shop has become a hub for information and a testament to the trans-formative power of solar energy.

Contacting the Light Bringer

For those curious about Olusheno and the impact it can have on their lives, Ripuree is more than willing to share her experiences. She’s inviting anyone interested inn the product to reach out and join the growing community of individuals benefiting from Olusheno's solar solutions.

Ripuree Kuhanga's story is not just about a retailer selling solar home systems; it's about a community being illuminated, one home at a time. Olusheno Sales & Distribution Pty (Ltd) continues to be a beacon of hope for communities like Tsumkwe, turning darkness into light and dreams into reality.

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