Saving Omatjete one light at a time!

Igniting Sales and Expanding Reach in Omatjete

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In the vast landscape of Namibia, where the sun's embrace is both relentless and generous, there exists a unique force that brings the brilliance of solar solutions to the forefront. Olusheno Sales & Distribution Pty (Ltd), driven by its unwavering commitment to lighting up lives, is making waves in Omatjete. And at the heart of this movement stands Agent Emgard, a passionate torchbearer of sustainable energy.

Emgard's Journey with Olusheno:

Emgard's story with Olusheno began in early April, a time when the Namibian landscape transitions from scorching heat to milder, more welcoming temperatures. Her arrival brought a fresh surge of energy to the Olusheno team, marked by a remarkable flair for sales. What sets Emgard apart is her astonishing ability to achieve sales milestones that rival even those who have been part of the Olusheno family for longer.

A Passionate Sales Dynamo:

Emgard's passion for sales is a driving force that transcends expectations. Her fervor ignites conversations, and her dedication shines through every interaction. It's not just about selling solar solutions; it's about fostering connections and spreading awareness about the transformative power of clean and sustainable energy.

Intrigued by her remarkable performance and inspired by her unwavering dedication, our team is eager to sit down with Emgard on the next visit. We want to delve deeper into her experiences with Olusheno, discover the secrets to her success, and share her insights with you.

Rora Guesthouse: A Beacon of Olusheno in Omatjete:

As we continue to expand our presence and make a difference in the lives of Namibians, it's worth noting that Rora Guesthouse currently stands as the sole Olusheno outlet in the Omatjete area. This cozy haven not only offers comfort to travelers but also serves as a beacon, illuminating the path to sustainable energy solutions.

But we're not stopping there. Olusheno is relentlessly working towards establishing an outlet outside the town, a strategic move to bring our message closer to the people. We want every Namibian to know that we're not just a name in a distant town; we're in their area, ready to brighten their lives with affordable and high-quality solar systems.

As we journey with Emgard and our dedicated team, we're excited to share more stories of transformation, innovation, and empowerment. Stay tuned for updates on our mission to illuminate Namibia, one heart, and one home at a time. Together, we're writing a brighter future for all.

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