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Have you ever bought something and thrown away the ‘how to’ manual upon unboxing your product?

Or when was the last time you actually read through the terms and conditions?

We live in a world in which people aren’t fully equipped with knowledge, and these are often the kind of people who find themselves in unfortunate situations.

Oftentimes, our clients don’t know the terms and conditions of our d.light products. Many times, this can lead to confusion when the time comes for clients to have their units replaced and repaired. Some clients end up having to pay fees, which are payable in the event that the 2-year warranty is expired or breached. Because they didn’t know where they stand with us, this can often lead to unpleasant interactions.

Which we always try to avoid.

Without further due, we will now dive into every aspect of the ‘Olusheno rule book’.

Touching on the most important terms of them, the warranty conditions. If the client’s product stops working within 2 years of purchase, the client may return it along with the ‘Customer Agreement’ to the retailer for replacement or repairs. This warranty, strictly, covers product failure from normal use. This Meaning, if any part of the product stops functioning properly or at all without any direct physical damage, that unit will be covered by the warranty. This 2-year warranty will be rendered void/inactive if the product has been tampered with, modified, damaged by water, mishandled, or in case of fraud or theft. Another important factor regarding the warranty is that the torch and radio are only covered for one year and that the USB charging cable is not covered at all. A full refund can only be given in the case that the client returns the unit within 7 calendar days from the date of purchase.

Another very important part of the T&Cs is the payment process. All clients who purchase a unit on account are expected to keep and maintain required periodic payments until the full purchase price has been paid. Note that every instalment paid is deducted from the client’s outstanding balance and that failure to pay an instalment will result in interest being added to the client’s account and the unit will be locked as the penalty for not upholding the customer agreement signed by the client on the day purchase. The unit will remain locked until the client pays their next instalment. Instalments can be paid at any Airtime City, Kazang, or MobiPay vending machines across Namibia and/or at the nearest bank in your area, Bank Windhoek, FNB or Standard Bank.

This means you can send your purchased unit to the village and make monthly payments in the city. Convenient is it not?

Once the unit is paid off in full within the expected time frame, the client will not be billed further in the case that the conditions of the warranty have been upheld and the warranty, in fact, is still active. The life expectancy of the d.light product is an estimated 5 years. However, individual clients' treatment of the product is a large factor in whether or not the unit will last that long. If the unit is not used as instructed or is mishandled, the unit will give in before its time. If you’ve found this particular article insightful, then get to know more about us by following our social media platforms. We keep our followers well-informed on all things solar and all things, Olusheno!

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Olusheno Banking details, for payments made via bank transfer:

Standard Bank Namibia

Olusheno Sales and Distribution

Account: 60003460087

Branch code: 082372

Branch: Windhoek main branch.

First National Bank


Olusheno Sales and Distribution.

Branch: Windhoek Corporate Centre.

Bank Windhoek

CHK 8010102049

Branch Code: 483-872

Branch: Maerua Mall

Bank Windhoek Olusheno Sales & Distribution




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