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The teams have landed and the first match whistle has been blown. Qatar becomes the first host nation in football history to lose their opening match thanks to an outstanding performance by Ecuador. Today England triumphed over Iran emphatically as the English look to bring it home this time around. However the games have only begun, so there is plenty of time for a winner to stand out.

Feeling left out yet?
Do you have to go all the way to your friend’s house and back to catch your favourite team in action?
Or maybe you catch every game live at the local pub. Well, with the d.light X500 solar system, you can enjoy all the World Cup games in the comfort of your home. The X500 solar system by d.light offers a 22-inch television in the set. DSTV and GoTV decoders are compatible with the X500 as well. This set also includes a 35cm wide x 55cm long solar panel emitting up to 25 volts of energy.
Two 8m long bulbs and one tube light, with the option of adding a fourth light.
Unlike the D100 and D180 solar systems that come before it.
The X500 has up to three charging cable ports, ensuring that you can charge three cell phones at once!

Odoo MembersTHE X500

All of this, for only N$690.00 per month over 24 months with a deposit of only
N$1,670.00. The X500 offers maximum entertainment and financial stability. No need to wonder how much you have to spend on candles daily when you can have a monthly payment plan with Olusheno. A significantly cheaper payment plan compared to harmful alternatives such as paraffin lamps. What's more, you can be assured that your transition from candle-lit rooms to bright-lit rooms(proven to be 20X stronger than kerosene)will be smooth thanks to our partnership with AirtimeCity and Kazang. This will allow you to pay your instalment at any AirtimeCity or Kazang outlet nationwide. Skip the extensive queues!!

Most clients always want to feel secure, and we strive for customer satisfaction with every purchase. This is why we have a two-year warranty in place should you experience any complications with your X500 solar system. Olusheno has significantly changed tens of thousands of lives across the SADC region, and you can become a part of that census by purchasing your X500 today.

Qatar’s hosting this year’s World Cup,
but you can be host to your friends and family with the X500 solar system, this festive season!!

Our TSEs, sales agents and retail owners are always introducing our products through solar parties and door-to-door outreaches. You can find out more about these tours, across the country, on all our social media platforms. So if you’re in need of light, all night. Be sure to follow us on social media and be on the lookout for an outlet closest to you.

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Catch all the action live.

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The ultimate world cup experience.

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