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A journey to remember...

Laimi Festus' Journey with Olusheno Solar

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November 2023   1 view

Security guard now guarded by d.light!

Magdelena Shaluada is the latest to benefit from solar empowerment...

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November 2023   70 views

Martha Ushoona's story of light and new life!

Olusheno's agenda remains the same....change lives!

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November 2023   61 views

Adeline Mbapaha's Journey with Olusheno Solar

Empowering Communities

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October 2023   85 views

Queen Mundueva's Journey with Olusheno Solar

Illuminating Lives

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October 2023   75 views

Covering the story of a pioneer in Harambe!

A Family Man in the Shadows of Harambe

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October 2023   93 views

A symbol of perseverance and resilience...

Ms. Wilhemina's Olusheno Journey

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October 2023   102 views

From baker to advocate for solar light!

Christina Basson's Solar Advocacy

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October 2023   113 views

Light in Gibeon, finally!

The story of Catherine Swartbooi

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October 2023   108 views

The Bright Side of Angela Villa

The Retailer's Edition of Olusheno's Success

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September 2023   173 views

RK Market on the rise!

Ripuree Kuhanga Perspective on Olusheno Solar Systems

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September 2023   161 views

A Radio discovery that paid off...

Empowerment through light!

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September 2023   175 views

A life changed for the better by the solar cause...


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September 2023   152 views

A fortunate turn of events for Mr Shaanika...

Olusheno brings light to DRC!

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September 2023   156 views

Empowering Omatjete

The heart of Emgard's joy!

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September 2023   163 views


Elizabeth  Shapange's incredible journey with Olusheno...

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September 2023   165 views

Saving Omatjete one light at a time!

Igniting Sales and Expanding Reach in Omatjete

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September 2023   164 views

From darkness to solar empowerment!

Olusheno saves lives...

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September 2023   158 views

From retailer to community champion

Okahao's light-bringer!

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September 2023   1 comment   170 views

Illuminating Lives

Tulimeke, the future of solar energy in Erongo!

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August 2023   158 views

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